This page is to help members keep track of all CTTOM meeting dates and other CTTOM activities.

General Membership Meetings: These meetings, to which all CTTOM members are encouraged to attend, are the second Saturday of the month, at 1:30 PM, at the Museum. We meet both in person and on line through Zoom. Each member will get an announcement of the meeting agenda and also the Zoom sign-in through e-mail. It’s a good idea to check Zoom before the meeting to make sure you have the updated version. It usually updates automatically when you check into it, but it takes a minute or two.

Board Meetings: The Board meets the Thursday before the General Meeting at 7:30 PM. This meeting is on-line, through Zoom. If any member wishes to join-in, please email or call Charles so he can send you a sign-in code for Zoom.


June 22 & 23 Spring Open House

October 26 & 27 Fall Open House

December 7 & 8 Holiday Open House


Sac-Sierra TCA Train Show in Carmichael at the Elks Lodge on Saturday, May 25th for 10 AM until 3 PM.  Help is always appreciated.