About Us

Established in 2011, the Carquinez Toy Train Museum (CTTOM) is a new endeavor by a dedicated group of toy train enthusiasts with many years of collective experience in building & operating toy trains. The museum ís main purpose is to promote a hands-on appreciation and better understanding of the hobby, history, and operation of toy trains while maintaining and teaching a high standard of craftsmanship.

The Museum is located in the Odd Fellows Building at 645 Loring Avenue, Crocket, California. The upper room, which is approximately 40' x 40', will house the Semi-Hi Rail layout. When completed, the display will feature the latest toy train technology and will allow members and visitors to run several three-rail trains, new and old. Train operation also will employ wireless, hand-held cabs. Future displays will focus on the heritage of toy trains.

By having an extensive layout, including a section for youth operators, and by having as many trains as possible in operation and on display, the Museum hopes to inspire a new generation of toy train enthusiasts. It also hopes to inspire the current generation to become a part of this exciting venture. To that end, the Museums founders cordially invite you to become a museum member. For more information and application forms can be found under Application