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Our Goals

Established in 2011, the Carquinez Toy Train Operating Museum (CTTOM) is nationally recognized by other toy train organizations and is sponsored by the Crockett Community Foundation. CTTOM is comprised of a dedicated group of train enthusiasts with many years of collective experience with the history of trains and train operations. The museum’s main purpose is to promote individual hands-on appreciation of the operation of toy trains along with a better understanding of this interactive hobby and the fabulous history related to trains.

Our organizational activities include community outreach and promoting educational learning experiences to others regarding the high standard of craftsmanship associated with the hobby.

CTTOM is recognized as a tax-exempt 501[c][3] organization. {FEIN] 45-4410849

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The museum is located in the old Odd Fellows Building at 645B Loring Avenue, Crockett CA. Occupying the upper floor of the building, the layout room is approximately 40′ X 40′ and houses O, S, and Standard Gauge track on a highly detailed layout. The museum features a display of classic toy trains and operational trains featuring the latest technology.

Visitors [under supervision] may run three-rail trains, new and old. Train operators may choose to use the wireless “handheld” cabs while our younger visitors may operate some of our automated accessories.

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